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How to activate AltGr or right Alt

In both N-OC Cloud and Earth, it is possible to use shortcuts to open some applications faster.

Short cut
Ctrl + Alt + A        Or      AltGr+ A
Ctrl + Alt + B                  AltGr+ B
Ctrl + Alt + G                  AltGr+ G
Open Schedule Grid
Ctrl + Alt + H                  AltGr+ H
Ctrl + Alt + L                   AltGr+ L
Open Slot wizard
Ctrl + Alt + M                  AltGr+ M
Open My Roster
Ctrl + Alt + R                  AltGr+ R
open the Roster Gantt
Ctrl + Alt + S                  AltGr+ S
open the Schedule Gantt
Ctrl + Alt + T                  AltGr+ T
Open SIR handler
Ctrl + Alt + Z                  AltGr+ Z
Gantt launch pad    

However, not every keyboard has AltGr key. The right Alt is an alternative variant for AltGr.

Still, sometimes it can be necessary to activate the AltGr key or right Alt in order for it to work for shortcuts. Below is the guide on how to do this on WindowsOS.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Windows Settings > Region & Language

  2. In Languages > Preferred Languages, click on English (United States) and select Options

  3. On the next page, make sure you have the United States-International keyboard added

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