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You can access the Integration area through this icon:

Creating Templates to use with automated messaging

  1. Click the integration button in the Menu.
  2. Open Factories.
  3. Click on ‘Integration Factory’. 
  4. Select the "Message template" tab.
  5. Click the NEW button to create a new template.


  1. Name the template.

  2. Select the Data Type from the respective dropdown.

  3. Select the Data Element for the template.

  4. Click the ADD button to create a N-OC template in a specific format, i.e. Boolean, String, etc.
  5. Select the Test Data.
  6. The Data Element ‘System’ will create the following input options.
  7. Click FINISH to save the created template.                                                                                            

Note: The template cannot be edited; alternatively, create a new (revised) template and delete the incorrect template.

Note: For more information about using the template for sending messages and reports. Refer to: Menu -> Automation Factory. 


The contents of Automation Factory

  • Overview
  • Exports
  • Events
  • Business Jobs

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