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The Autoassign dialog is from where you execute the Autoassign Templates
Before you start the process you shall open the Rosters
and load the same Period, Human resources and Roster blocks as you have in the Autoassign template.
Note: The optimizer requires that VcRedist64 (2015-2019) is installed on the PC.
You can save all the parameters
Save on submit
When you send the result to the gantt, it is currently not possible to save the result.
The result is save in an external file.
If you have an active COM channel you can gen a notifier email when the result is ready.
Specify the From/To. For Roster
Data source:
Human resources
HR filter or individual selection. See below for more functions.
Roster blocks
Block filters. See below for more functions.
Not implemented
Ground tasks
Not implemented
Select the Autoassign Templates
When you start the process you will see a window split into two.
The left window show the process and will errors that has caused the optimization to stop.
The right window has two taps:
Show a graph of the optimization time
Stop solver button
Will stop the solver at the last achieved solution.
The result window has two sections:
Solution statistics and crew statistics.
The result can be save in a xls file.
Human Resources
It is possible to run with individual selections of crew.
From the Human resources, press the Select button. A new window will open from where you can select the crew.
Use any of the filters or mark crew individually. Press select and the selected crew will be shown.
Note: the display name is the ShortCode name.
Note2: Make sure that the filter selection is set to Auto detect
Roster Blocks
It is possible to run Auto rostering with individual selections of Pairings.
Mark the pairings in the Roster Block gantt.
Open the AR wizard
Click on Roster Blocks Select, and the pairings will be added.
Note: Roster Blocks selection must be set to None

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