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Filters are a very powerful tool in N-OC Desktop.  Filters in Desktop work the same as in Web. Depending on which dataholder group the filter belongs to, you have different expression options. Each filter group has a separate icon. 

The image below shows the different filters available when you searched:

Categorization of Filters
Filter Types
Data Type
AircraftAircraft FiltersSchedule
Human ResourceBlock FiltersBlock
Human ResourceFiltersHumanresources
Human ResourceRoster FiltersRoster
Human ResourceTraining filters
ScheduleLeg FiltersCompany Activity
ScheduleSort Filters

NameThis is a mandatory field. Enter the filter's name.
PeriodWhen is the filter valid from and to.
InheritedInherited from another filter. The conditions in this filter will be on top of the conditions in the inherited filter.
GroupsIf the filter only applies to some User Groups.
SortIf the filter only applies to some groups. This refer to the order the filters will appear in the dropdown boxes.
ActiveIf checked, the filter is active.
DefaultThe filter will apply if no other filter exists.
PermissionsPublic: The filter is open for edit. The filter can be edited by anyone that has user right to edit filters.
Protected: Only you can edit the filter. It can be seen and used by any users that have user rights to view filters.
Private: Only you can see and use the filter.

Filter Types

We have two filter types:

  • Expression - An Expression can consist of an Expression, Free Text, logical AND, Logical OR, and parentheses ( )
  • Parameter - This is a more sophisticated way of building filters. The field box doesn't indicate the type of field.


!=Not equal
>Greater than
<Less than
>=Greater than or equal
<=Lesser than or equal
IntInteger number
Text can be matched using Regex.* means any character and .? means any single character.
FreeTextIt can be used to write custom filters. For example, checking with the current time:
  1. ValidFrom > DateTime.UtcNow.AddDays(-4) AND ValidFrom < DateTime.UtcNow.AddDays(4)
  2. ValidFrom.Year == 2020 Or use it to check if a StringArray is populated at all

  3. ProjectNames.Length > 0.

Expression type
StringArrayLook up in a list


Note: You have the Logical Operator NOT.



Math Operator
Logical OperatorAnd, Or, Not

Examples: Find crew assigned to a reference activity of group "MM" and with Roster Designator "I" or "N".

Find Assigned Deadhead crew on airline UA in flight number range.

Find active flight attendants from the PHX base.

Test Function

The Test Function is used to ensure that the syntax of the filter is correct. It is helpful to verify that the filter is set up to produce the results expected.

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