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How to control visibility of the roster between crew members.

'AllowViewEachOtherRoster' controls visibility of the roster between crew members.

  1. To make the crew roster visible between employees the value should be set to 'All'.
  2. If you want to make the crew roster not visible between employees, set the value to 'No' and save it.
  3. In case when it is set to 'Selected' employees can choose the crew which will be able to see their roster.

4. If you choose 'ByBase' value the roster will be seen by the members of specific base. You can see that in dropdown list in 'MyRoster'.

5. The 'Department' value will make the roster visible between the members of a certain department.

Enabling 'AllowViewEachOtherRoster' function in 'Cloud' will affect the 'Fire'

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