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Exchange rates

Define exchange rate tables categorized by name i.e. 
It is possible to define as many exchange rate tables as you wish to reflect during calculation of costs. 
One exchange rate table contains currency exchange rates i.e. in future, now or in the past. 
You can define i.e. worst, expected and best exchange rate scenarios that shall be used during calculation of costs.
You can create different Rate names if you e.g. want to compare the costs based on different exchange rates.
Each exchange rate table must have a name
Add as many as required exchange rate pairs 
From value 
value always set to 1 means what is exchange rate between 1 unit of From currency and To currency
currency name from. Select from the drop down list
exchange rate of To currency
currency name to which exchange rate you want to convert to.
button is used to import current exchange rates data from external source (currently only EUR to some number of other currencies is available)
The rates are the TODAY's rates taken from the European Central Bank.

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