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Aircraft Filter

Aircraft filters are used in the Gantts to filter the display of the aircraft fleet or only some selection of them. Filters may be used throughout N-OC and can be done on the upper-left corner of the Gantt. They are also available in various dialogs to narrow the list of aircraft when the user only wants to work with a selection (e.g. Maintenance Service dialog). Aircraft filters belong to the data type Vehicle and can be used wherever you have vehicles, such as Schedule, Roster, and Roster Block Gantts.

Aircraft filters is located under Editors > Aircraft > Aircraft Filters or you can search for aircraft and/or filters dialog using the Search field.

The Aircraft Filter Window opens.


Creating a new Leg Filter

  1. Click the New button to create a new leg filter
  2. Enter the Name that will become the Aircraft Filter name (system wide).
  3. Additional options:
    • If the aircraft filter is Inherited, choose an item from the dropdown list. An inherited filter means to use a previously created aircraft filter and build onto it.
    • Select the Group from the dropdown list, if necessary. The user can define which user group will be able to use the filter.
    • Define the Valid From and Valid To dates. If you set the Valid from date to a date in the past, the filter is active immediately. You can also set the date to a date in the future to prevent the filter from working until the date specified.  
    • Select the Active checkbox if the aircraft filter is to be used. 
    • Permissions:
      PublicThis means it can be edited and reviewed by any user. 
      ProtectedOther users have no permission to edit.
      PrivateOnly the user who created this filter can use it.
  4. Enter your data in either Expression or Parameter(s) and test run it before saving. The system tells you if it's working or not. Click the Save button. 
  5. Your filter appears to the left. Note: For the filter to be visible, you need to close, re-open, and reload the Gantt.

In this example, a filter for registration SEABC is created by using expression:

Where to find and apply the Filter in the Gantts: 

When “Registration SEABC” filter is picked:


When “Aircraft A340” filter is picked:

When no filter is used, but sorting Type/Reg:


Edit an existing Aircraft Filter

To edit a leg filter, select the filter (click the filter to left) you intend to edit. You need to rename the filter. Once the required amendments have been made, click the Save button to commit the changes to the database.  

Copying existing Aircraft Filters

An aircraft filter can be copied to create a new leg filter by: 

  1. Selecting the filter to the left by clicking it then selecting the Copy button. 
  2. In the bottom of your filter list, the copied filter appears with an asterisk.
  3. Write a new name of the filter and edit/create it as a new. Click the Save button.  

Deleting an existing Aircraft Filter

Aircraft filters that are no longer required can be deleted by clicking the Delete button. To delete multiple aircraft filters, mark the filters “Ctrl + left click” and click the Delete button. 

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