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HR Log

User right HumanresourceLog should be enabled to see this dialogue.
This dialogue will display every action a user has made in Open time, Open time SAP, Trade or Trade SAP or confirmed revision. It can be useful to trace actions of a user. 
It can also be used to flag for admin attention, those actions that should be manually processed.

Hr Log is displaying: 
Employe number
Employee name
Code of the pairing
Seniority number
Swap with:
If the activity was swapped, who it was swapped with.
Trade with:
If the activity was traded, who it was traded with.
if it is Open time, Trade, SAP or other system function. 
Requested Action:
If the user has requested to drop, pick up, do oneway or twoway trade or post to tradeboard etc. 
Request number:
sequence number of requests
Displays the status of the request, if it has been completed or pending utc. 
Display the feedback the user has got when posting the request. If it was denied due to legality the full reason will be displayed, if the request violate the rules (setup in Period Rule) that message will be displayed. 
Date and time of the request
Created by
Date and time
Modified by
Set as complete:
If the request has been flagged for admin attention there will be a button in this column which if clicked will set the status to complete and change modified by to the user. This can be used as a check list for admin when they need to manually process a request.

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