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Vehicle Sorting




When the user clicks on the Order drop down list, all available sorting filters are shown. Click on one of them to sort the aircraft display in the Gantt. 
Using Sort Number:
In addition to the standard sorting options, the user can also decide the specific order that the aircraft are displayed in, by assigning a 'Sort Number'. The sort order is added in the 'Aircraft' window. 
Note: This sorting order is global for all users. The user can set up vehicle sorting for their own user credentials - see Vehicle Sorting below 
For more information, please see:
Reference Information > Editors > Aircraft > Aircraft

Vehicle Sorting by user pref

You can also create and store (global) specific aircraft sorting as shown here. 
These are then available under the drop-down list 'Order'.
The user can set a user specific default sorting view under User Preferences > 


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