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Gantt LaunchPad

The Gantt launchpad is a shortcut menu that you can easily change the conditions for the opening of the Roster Gantt.


  • Ctrl+Alt+z
  • AltGr + z


Web will remember your recent selections. This means that you easily can open new Gantts for different periods.


Offset Period:

Specify how many days Before and After the current day, week, or month the Gantt shall open.


Fixed period:

Specify a fixed period.


Top/Bottom Gantt:

Specify what should be loaded in the Top and Bottom Gantt fields.


Available selections left Top and Bottom Gantts dropdown boxes:

  • Legs
  • Crew
  • Pairings
  • Requests
  • Training
  • Swap
  • Vacation
  • Ground Tasks.


Available selections right Top and Bottom Gantts dropdown boxes:

Filters corresponding to the selection in the left box.



Always open this box on startup.

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