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Introduction to N-OC

N-Ops & Crew (N-OC) is the Airline Management System that puts you in complete control of all strategic, financial, and operational business processes through all stages of your airline operations. 

N-OC is available on the following platforms: 

  • Web-browser (N-OC Web)
  • Desktop (N-OC Desktop)
  • Mobile (N-OC Mobile).

These articles are based on N-OC Web.

Built on a financial foundation that uses a flexible user-definable rule engine that considers all types of calculations, N-OC’s dynamic and tailored business logic constantly analyzes and evaluates your business processes unique to your airline. 

Its event-driven functionality displays system alerts and task lists which are directed to specific user groups. You will:

  • minimize costs
  • improve revenue and profitability
  • have better control over operational change management and productivity.

This gives you the edge over your competitors at all stages of airline decision management

N-OC handles the following processes:

  • Aircraft Schedule Management
  • Aircraft Operations Control
  • Crewing Planning & Management.

Throughout the system, you might encounter the word RAIDO. It is an acronym for:

  • R:ule-based
  • A:utomated
  • I:ntegrated
  • D:ynamic
  • O:ptimised.

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