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Introduction to N-OC


What is N-OC?
N-OC is the Airline Management System that puts you in complete control of all strategic, financial and operational business processes, through all stages of your airline operations. 
N-OC is available in the following platforms: Web-browser (N-OC Cloud) and Mobile (N-OC Fire). We are also developing a Desktop verison (N-OC Earth).
This training guide is based on N-OC Cloud.
Built on a financial foundation, using a flexible user definable rule engine that considers all types of calculations, N-OC’s dynamic and tailored business logic constantly analyses and evaluates your business processes unique to your airline. 
Its ‘event’ driven functionality displays system alerts and task lists which are directed to specific user groups. You will minimize costs, improve revenue and profitability, and have better control over operational change-management and productivity; giving you the edge over your competitors at all stages of airline decision management
N-OC handles the following processes:
·     Aircraft Schedule Management
·     Aircraft Operations Control
·     Crewing Planning & Management
N-OC functionality is completely user-definable, so you decide how N-OC should work to best suit the unique business needs of your airline.
RAIDO is an acronym for:
·     R:     Rule-based
·     A:     Automated
·     I:     Integrated
·     D:     Dynamic
·     O:     Optimised


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