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Reference Activities

Reference Activity: name 
Shortcode: Is shown on the assigned activity.
Shortcode2: Enter the second shortcode if necessary. 
Use Crew Base: If ticked the activity will pick up the base of the crew member  
                               regardless of where he is "now"
Adjust After Time Changes by Default: 
Comments: Free text
Data type: Use Human resource for Crew related and Vehicle for Flight related.
Filter: Apply filter if it only shall be active for a specific group.
Hidden: The activity will be hidden on the roster.
No Conflict: Legality will not trigger a warning.
Wholeday: The activity will be for the full day and default length is 1440
Type: of reference activity. 
Duty type: None or Duty
Time mode: UTC or Local.
Reference group: see reference group 
Time range: set default start and end time, default length of duty. 
User group: If the activity only apply to some users.
Color: Select color.
Drawing type: Upper or Lower half or full.
Airline prefix: The activity will only be active for this airline.
Mandatory Transaction Code: A transaction code is required when this activity is used.
Select Active if the receiver group is to be used.   

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