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Aircraft Filters

Aircraft filter are used in the Schedule/Roster Gantt to filter the display of the aircraft fleet or only some selection of them. This can be done on the upper-left corner of the Gantt. Filters may be used throughout N-OC. They are also available in various dialogs to narrow the list of aircraft when the user only wants to work only with a selection (e.g. Maintenance Service dialog).
Schedule Gantt                                         RosterGantt
'Aircraft filters' is located under (Editors > Aircraft > Aircraft Filters).
Or the user can simply search for aircraft filters dialog in the search field: 
1. Select and enter a suitable name. (Only the Name is a compulsory field)
Additional options:
  • Inherited (to use a previously created aircraft filter and then build on top of that one).
  • Group -  the user can define which user group will be able to use the filter.
  • Valid From / Valid To
  • Active Default
  • Public Protected Private
     Public  - mean all users can see the filter.
     Protected - only admin group can see this filter.
     Private - Only the user that created the filter can see it.
Sortorder - in which order the filters will appear in the filter drop down list. see above.
After saving this basic information, a bookmark ‘Parameter(s)’ appears in the dialog. Here the user can define the aircraft filter parameters.
2. Under click on  to create a filter.
Select the required Field  
The user can create additional parameter. Then it is necessary to use the correct Math Operator (OR/AND/NOT).
'AND' means that ALL parameter criteria must be fulfilled. (Example: Filter for only my airline AND aircraft type F50, then F50 aircraft from another airline will not be included in the filter).  
'OR' means that any of the parameters will be used. (example all F50 aircraft would be displayed for other airlines also).
·     Static - not implemented 
·     Dynamic  - not implemented 
alternatively, the new parameter entry dialog can be used.

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