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In N-OC the user can add one or more notes to a leg or an aircraft. 
These notes are usually colour coded and also defined as a particular type of note. 
The note type and colour are set up for you in the system by Aviolinx or your administrator. For more information, contact Aviolinx Support or your administrator.
To add or edit Note Types, select:
Name: is mandatory
Data Type:
Company activity
Reference Activity
Human Resource
Day Note
Color: Select a color
If a note Public it can be made visible on the crew roster.
The Setup parameter RosterDetail has two options Aircraft Notes and Activity Notes.
Notes of type ROSTER will always be shown if they are public. 
The note will only be shown internal in N-OC.
If Group is selected you can make the note available to specific user groups.
The user can also use the  option to filter the Notetypes displayed in the list.
Once you have created your Notetype, you can then add a note to a flight leg.
To do this, click on the flight leg in the Gantt and select ‘Note’
Follow these steps:
·     Select the type of note you want to use from the drop down list (Example: ‘SI leg Note’).
·     Click on ‘New’ to create a new note.
·     Type your note and adjust the text size/font/colour etc to suit your needs.
Click on Save.
Active = As items are not deleted in the database they can only be set as active or not active (but not deleted).
Default = Selected: This items will be the first (or one of the first) options available (usually in a list). 
Default = Not selected: The list usually displayed in ascending alphabetical order. 
You will then see your note displayed in the top window.
The note is displayed as a red triangle on the top right side of the leg. (Note: The colours will vary depending on the way the system is set up). When you hold your mouse over the leg red triangle, the note is displayed. 
Multiple notes are displayed like this:
To delete a note:
Ø     Select the note that you wish to delete in the list at the top of the window.
Ø     Click on Delete.
Ø     The note will disappear from the list.

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