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Period Rules

Period rules are used to set up and define various kinds of period definitions that are frequently used in N-OC. The most typical example of this is of course the roster period or crew schedule.
(Note: Later on this function will also be used for crew requests)
Once the rules have been created, the periods can be quickly and easily added in the Periods dialogue. 
Notice that you can (optionally) create different period definitions using the filter option.
Period Type:
Roster,Request, Operation
Normally HumanResource
HR Filter
Important note: There must be a period rule and filters that are linked to all the rank types. If a rank type is missing it will not be possible to save changes.
Time mode:
UTC, Local, Base, Station
Sortorder of the rule if you have several rules with different time mode.
Monthly, Rolling, Halfmonthly
calendar month= 1, Halfmonthly=15, Rolling= number of days
Increment Rolling:
Number of days the rolling period will move.
Note: If this parameter has a value, then the CREATE function in Periods will not work.
Relative day: Relative to the Planning end date.
Fixed day:
Time Mode:
UTC , Station
Station states in which time mode the periods for Open time and trade settings should be in. Station PHX and SAP start time 12 means that SAP is opened 12:00 PHX time on the SAP start date.
Crew Initiated roster changes
To use Trade and Opentime  the setup parameter UseCrewInitiatedRosterChanges must be set to true
SAP = schedule adjustment period.
Start Date: Date in period which SAP is released.
Start Time: Time of start date which SAP is released.
Duration in hours = From the date and time of Fixed start hours an onward the SAP is open.
First come first served and By seniority
Defines which method to process SAP requests. By Seniority will run all requests through an algorithm by seniority and then by time of request. First come first served is instant, the first one who request it will get it. 
Temp closed period:
StartDay = date in period where the closed period starts 
Start time = start time of start day
Duration = Duration of the closed period from start day and time
Closing time span before end of period = The actual time span in where pairings / activities may not be altered. Calculated from the end of the period minus the entered timespan.
Start Day = 7/1
Start time = 12:00
Duration = 168
Closing time span before end of period= 72
Between 7/1 12:00 and 14/1 12:00 (168hrs = 7 days), the three last days in the period (72/24=3) the crew member cannot alter their schedule by dropping/swapping/pickup etc. 
Open time closes:
Time when crew is no longer allowed to alter schedule. 
If “Activity Calendar Day” is selected in the drop down:
Hours = 48
Activity start 22/1 12:00
Date of activity is 22/1 so from 20/1 00:00 crew member cannot alter that activity by dropping/swapping/pickup etc. (22/1 00:00 – 48hrs = 20/1 00:00). But if crew is allowed to split pairings then it is possible to alter coming activities in the pairing that is not within the closed period.
If “Pairing Check In” is selected: 
Hours = 48
Pairing check in date and time is 22/1 12:05
From 20/1 12:05 crew is not allowed to manipulate anything in the pairing.
Trade Closes:
How many hours before check in the trade board is closed for the crew member. 
Currently “Activity Check In ” the only item in the drop down:
Hours = 3
Activity check in 22/1 12:00
Trade board closes 09:00 for this activity and no trade can be done after this time. But if crew is allowed to split pairings then it is possible to alter coming activities in the pairing that is not within the closed period.
Aggressive pickup period:
Period where only a specified group of crew member can pick up a pairing
Hours prior to calendar day = how many hours before the date of the activity the aggressive pickup period start.
Start Time = start time of start day
Duration = Duration of the period from start day and time
Activity start 22/1 12:00
Hours prior to calendar day: 64
Start Time: 8
Duration: 10
Date of activity is 22/1 so the aggressive pickup period for that duty is 19/1 08:00 – 18:00
Relative day: Relative to the Period end.
Fixed day:
activate the rule
Default rule used if a crew doesn't fit into a filter.
Tick if the automatic release and archive is to be used.

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