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Leg status display

Flight status
Est. Off-Block (or Next Info)
Est. Take-Off
Actual Off-Block
Actual Take-Off
Est. Touch-down
Est. Block-On
Actual Touch-Down
Actual Block-On
No changes have been made to the schedule.





Diverted leg.
Return to ramp (not airborne).
Forced return (airborne).
Flight leg with a comment. Mouse over the red triangle to see the comment.
Flight leg with multiple comments. Mouse over the red triangle to see the comments.
Ad-hoc flight leg, which is indicated by the red diagonal line.
The red box around the flight indicates that the leg does not have the correct aircraft type and/or version for the registration.
Marked or selected flight legs.
Voyage data has been received.


Types of Warnings

Example Image
Station conflict

In this example, the flight HS588 arrives in AMS and departs from BLE with HS965. 


A red line between the flights and the affected stations are displayed indicating a station conflict.


Note: There is also a tool tip warning when the user holds the mouse over the pink triangle.


Flight legs with estimated or actual departure delay that impact the next flight are shown like this.

Notice that the second flight drops down in the Gantt.

Rule violations and warning

N-OC checks for all rules built into the system. If any rules are violated, they may be displayed on the leg as shown in the example.

If there are more than one warning, you will see a number in the warning triangle.

Hoover your mouse over to see details of the violation or warning.


Displaying information on the pucks (Flight legs) - To display additional information on the legs in the Gantt. Go to: Editors > System > User Preferences. 


Edit 'Leginfo' and add the required parameter. This information is then displayed on the pucks. 

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