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Adhoc event generator

Here is a short tutorial describing how to create types of AdHoc Events and add them to Legs:
1. Firstly, ensure that the user has the required user credentials to be able to use Adhoc Events. You will find these here. 
   Editor > System > User Groups.  There are 2 options: "AdHoc Events" and "Assign AdHoc Event" in the CMP - Company section
   of the User Group window.
2. Create an AdHoc Event:
- Open the "AdHoc Events" from N-OC menu 
Create new item. 
Select a datatype:
Company Activity
Human Resource
At the moment only Company Activity will be available in the schedule Gantt
This AdHoc event from now on can be assigned to legs. 
3. Add Event To Automation Factory
If you want the Adhoc Event to trigger a message e.g. email, you need to create an Event
- Open Automation Factory
- Choose Events Tab.
- Click New button
- From the Event dropdown selections, choose as shown here: 
- Leave Filter and Stations set to "None".
The Event will be placed in the CompanyAdhocEvent section
- Click on Next
- Choose from the sections.
An example is displayed here: 
For more information about creating Templates, please see 
Factories > Integration  or contact Aviolinx Support for assistance.
- Click next and choose receivers.
- Click Finish.
In this example the "Broke Aircraft" message template is created in the Integation Factory
3. Assign AdHoc Event to Company Activity:
In the Scheudle Gantt, click on the  "Eye" icon and select "AdHoc Events". 
This will enable displaying AdHoc Events as color triangles on Legs.
In Schedule Gantt right click on a flight Leg and choose the "AdHoc." Icon
Choose one of events from the  "AdHoc Events" dropdown list. 
Priority determines in what order AdHoc Events are displayed on leg's tool tip.
The Comment is:
1.Displayed in leg's tool tip.
2. Comment may also be sent out with any standard text messages as part of the Adhoc Event template - see below
Click next,
The Adhoc event generator can  send the free text, entered in the 'Comments' field, together with any pre-stored messaging from a template. 
For this to work, the user needs to add Data Element 'N-OC' + "AllNotes (String)" to the Adhoc event template(s). 
These are found in the Integration Factory.  See picture below
For more information, please contact Aviolinx Support.
View/Select the the  Messages to be sent and click on Save to send the messages. 
A triangle indicating that there is AdHoc Event assigned to a leg is now visible on the selected flight leg.
The tool-tip displays the text entered in the 'Comments' field.

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