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User Groups

To search for user groups type name in search field and click Search. The result will be displayed in the same dialog window. 
It is possible to control the user rights on a very high level.
The user rights are defined by a group, it can be for individuals or for a larger group.
As soon as the group is created you can link it to a USER 

Create New User Group

  • Click the New  button to create a new user group.
  • Enter user group name.
  • Enter EMail.
  • Tick Distribution box or Administrator box if necessary.
  • Select Active if the user group is to be used. 
  • Select a section of N-OC system from the drop down list.
  • Tick a functionality that will be available for this user group. You can also tick permissions for user group: create, edit, delete, read.
  • Enter Valid From/Valid To dates for each ticked functionality.
  • Set the priority to ticked functionality if necessary.
Distribution group:
is used in voyage reporting, where crew can send a  "report" to this distribution group. It is mainly used to send reports but it can also be used to send freetext info to e.g. OCC
Select if the group is an administrator, it will give higher privileges in the core system.
N-OC is divided into 15 system, that is individual areas from where the user access can be controlled to a very detailed level.
This section control access to report creation.
You can grant “Create” “Edit” “Delete” “Read” rights to each object.
E.g. You can have the right to Edit a Flight but no right to delete the flight.
For the buttons to be visible on the Gantt you need to have Create and Edit Rights.
Valid From/To:
Mandatory. Per default the Valid from will be the current date-1. Valid to +20 years
Is used for N-OC Fire. It is used to prioritise what will be shown first to the crew when they log in from the mobile.
For some of the options you can add a HR filter to limit the user to specific crew groups.
Note: A user group need at least one selected item to make it active.


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