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There are three ways to define the callsign on a flight. N-OC will determine the Call-sign in the following order (1 has highest priority):

  1. Entering a call-sign in the flight-plan tab.
  2. Call-sign "rule" in the Call-sign table (under menu: Schedule). 
  3. Reading the ICAO code from the Prefix of the flight number.

How to use the Callsign dialog

In this dialog, it is possible to translate an IATA flight number to a Call-sign. Enter Prefix, Number, and Valid From/To. This Callsign will then be used for incoming Eurocontrol messages. It also displayed in the Leg tool-tip and Activity Info (please note the order above).

Note: Suffix is optional. 


Option 1

Search for Call Sign under Menu: Schedule and manually predefine ATC Call Sign.


Option 2

Right-click a selected flight on the schedule Gantt and click the Info button. After, go to the FLIGHTPLAN tab.

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