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Daily Flight Report

Here is a quick guide that will help you get started inputting the required data for the report and then how to print it out as a PDF document.
How to populate the following data?
  • Actual Times: These are automatically input into the report. All you have to do is make sure they are updated on the flight legs in N-OC Gantt.
  • Delays – as above.
  • ETOPS Information
  • SELCAL checked YES/NO.
Note: All SELCAL’s have been input into N-OC for each aircraft registration, so if you create a new aircraft registration,  be sure to add the SELCAL to the aircraft profile.
To input this data, right click on the flight leg and select: Info. 
Open the Enroute tab.
Here you can add the Entry and Exit times for ETOPS. 
Here you can enter the SELCAL checked time Yes or No.
  • Captain’s name
To add the Captain’s name, select ‘Flightplan’ and add the name in field 19 like this: C/CPTNAME.  Note: it is essential to have C/ before the name.
  • Traffic comments
Traffic comments are added as a leg note. To do this, right click on the leg and select ‘Note’:
Choose ‘SI Leg Note’ from the dropdown list, add your note and save.
You can now add all additional information.

To run the report

You will find the “Daily Flight Report” here under Views > Schedule > Daily Flight Report
Choose the date and click on ‘Run’ (You can also create and save templates)
This is how you print the report to PDF:

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