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Create a Pairing


What is a pairing?

A pairing or 'block' is a collection of flight legs and/or activities that are put in to a kind of assignment block. The pairings have a crew composition. 
The main purpose of creating pairings is to speed up the crew assignment process. If the crew planner knows that the same crew will operate multiple flight legs, it makes sense to collect these legs together in a pairing and assign all of them at the same time.
Note: Once the roster has been published, the pairings have done their task, and there is no need to keep them. So the crew planner usually splits the pairings prior to publishing roster.
Let us see how this works in N-OC.
Pairings are built using the flight legs and designated crew compositions. 
To create a pairing, open the roster Gantt and load the Leg Gantt in the upper window and the Pairing Gantt in the lower window.
Highlight the flight legs in the schedule and drop them in and the lower window to create a pairing. Note: Before saving, these rows are displayed as “none” or “new”, in the paring Gantt.
To save your pairing(s), click on the Save icon
Roll out a pairing:
To roll out the paring, highlight the whole paring in the Pairing Gantt, right click and select copy.
In the copy dialogue window select rollout and the date, weekly frequency and end date. The start date will be on the day the paring was created. 
If you deselect the checkbox “CopyOnlyInFuture”, you can assign a start and end date manually.
Select Run, N-OC will now roll out the highlighted pairing.
Add reference activities to pairings.
In this case a deadhead activity has been added after a flight that ended on an outstation.
To add such a reference activity, select the pairing, choose the reference activity from the drop down menu,
activate the Assign Block-Activities icon  and drag the mouse on the gantt where you want the activity.
The user can now edit the reference activity by right clicking on it in the pairing.
Split a pairing:
I some cases you want to split a pairing. Right click on a pairing and select
In the pairing gantt you will see a red line under the pairing indication the pairing is split and doesn't exist.
On crew you see the individual sectors.
Before split:
After split:
Multi split:
From the roster wizard select Split roster block.
Tick the pairings you want to split.


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