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To search for city enter city name and click Search. To search for all cities of definite country choose country from dropdown list and click Search.
To open edit mode of Cities:
  • Click city in the list.
  • Tick box with city and click Edit.
  • Tick box with city and click Copy.
  • Select the New  button to create a new city.
The following window is displayed:
  • Enter text name.
  • Enter local name if necessary.
  • Define country and region.
  • Define latitude and longitude.
  • Set the part of world.
  • Select Active if the city is to be used. 
Once the parameters are defined select the Save button and the information is committed to the database and the new entry will appear in the existing list of items. 
To discard a new item prior to save select the Cancel button and the information will be removed and the window closed. 
To edit multiple cities tick boxes of appropriate items and click Edit. Each item will appear in a separate window and can be edited in turn. 
To save changes click the Save button, click the Delete button to discard changes.

Delete Existing Resource Cities

Cities that are no longer required can be deleted by clicking the Delete button. To delete multiple cities select tick boxes of appropriate items and click the Delete button. 

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