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Import Data

This tutorial will show you how to syncronize data from two N-OC databases, or between a Sabre Rocade database and N-OC.

Key field
The key field between the two databases is HR.ShortCode2.
If the source is Sabre Rocade the key field is EMPNO.
The humanresources must have the exact same value in the two databases for the syncronization to work.
Com Channel
URL to N-OC API , https://"host environment"/raidoapi/raidoapi.asmx
For Sabre Rocade use the URL for Rocade webservice
Communication type
File Type
Raido = WS_Raido_API
Sabre = WS_Sabre_RDI
Business Job
Create a Business job
Raido API
Data Type
Select Human filter from GUEST system. (# 1) - mandatory
Select Company for which we will apply Conversion Pattern (described in next point) (# 2) - mandatory
Fill name of HR filter in HOST system - mandatory
Com Channel
Name of the Com Channel we created above.
Period template
Define the period that shall be syncronized.
Data Conversion
Create data converters. 
Data converters are used to convert incoming values from HOST system. 
The example shows two Data Converters for Company Smartlynx Airlines which will convert HOST HTL Rostert Activity and OFF Roster Activity into proper activities in GUEST system.
See Data conversions for a detailed description.
Make it run
Save everything and make sure that Sleipner is running.
Change Roster Activities for selected Human Resources in HOST system. 
Wait for Sleipner processing. 
Check roster gantt in GUEST system. It should refresh activities for synchronized rosters.

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