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The Aircraft column is located on the left side of the Gantt.
Each row represents one aircraft in your fleet. Here is an example:
VK                - Airline designator
8C116Y        - Aircraft Type
SE-OIP        -  Aircraft Registration     
BLH: 470:0   - Block hours for the loaded period
ABH: 0.00     - Airborne Hours for the loaded period
Legs             - Total number of flight legs for the loaded period
The information in the upper line is controlled by the setup parameter "Advancedvehiclename"
it can display fields from the VEHICLE database. The list is comma separated, you own text can be wrapped in single quotation mark.
E.g. OwnerPrfxShortCode,'-',VersionShortCode,' (',VehicleTypeString,') ',Registration
Aircraft related information is accessed by right clicking on the aircraft block.
You will see the following options appear:


Aircraft Window:
This icon will open a window with related basic information about this aircraft. 
For more information, about this window, please see: Reference Information > Editors > Aircraft


Aircraft Note: 
This icon allows the user to add/edit and delete notes specific to the aircraft registration. 
Aircraft Notes can be set for a specified time period.  The note will only be shown on the dates you have selected. For more information about Aircraft Notes, see Reference Information > Editors > Aircraft > Aircrafts 


Aircraft detail Rule Check:
Click on this icon to check associated Rules, Calculators, Detail, Statistics and Logs associated with this aircraft.
The data has a filtered view for specific issues. 
Click on to reload the data, and  to save the information as an Adobe PDF document.
Rule Violation display:
Any Rule violations are displayed as a lamps on the left side.
The colour of the lamp indicates the severity of the warning - see below.
For more details of this violation, check under the 'Rules' tab.

To T.

To Top:
This icon allows the user to select an aircraft and send it to the top of the aircraft list on the gantt.


This icon allows the user to recalculate the values on a particular aircraft in the open period.


This icon bring an aircraft list from where you can see the acars messages.
If you want to send a message to the aircraft, write the message and press Next


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