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Setting up and using 'Deadhead' in the N-OC System

Deadheading is the practice of carrying members of an airline's crew to the correct location for their next duty on another airline carrier. This most often happens when airline crew are located at one airport and need to be transported to another airport to take up their duties.


The deadhead concept in the N-OC Airline System is designed to help planners, so that they can quickly search for suitable flights on other airlines, display them, and select them in the Roster Gantt.



Create a reference activity for each Airline to be used for deadheading.
Note: The reference activity dialog can be found here:  Menu- > Company -> Reference Activities. 

When creating a reference activity for a specific airline, the following two steps are the most important:

  1. Select Type as 'Transport' - this will enable the Airline Prefix text field.
  2. Enter the Airline Prefix - so the system can use this activity when a route with a specific airline that is used; or DH Other Airline for instance.


Resolving a single station conflict 

In the example below, a crewmember arrives in ARN and departs from LHR back ARN 5 ½ hours later. We need to insert a suitable 'deadhead' flight to transport the crew member from ARN to LHR. 


  1. Right-click in between the two assigned activities and select the Skull icon in the Roster Gantt.

  2. The single Deadhead dialog presents suitable deadhead routes available between the Start and End times.
    Note: If the standard parameters do not return a suitable route, a new search can be made with other parameters. Select the deadhead flight route and click the SAVE button.

  3. The station conflict is now resolved.


Resolving a multiple station conflicts - Deadhead Wizard

The Deadhead Wizard is located on the menu bar in the middle of the roster Gantt. This is a tool that searches for all station conflicts in any given time period and provides the user with a list of suitable deadhead flights. One of these may be selected and auto assigned as an activity to the crew.


The Deadhead Wizard, once activated, processes all crew that are included in the chosen selection (Time period, HR Filter, Airline etc). The crew with conflicts are displayed in a list and any suitable deadhead flights are displayed in a dropdown list. The status of the wizard is visible under the CANCEL button.

Note: If there are no deadhead flights available for the current scenario, it displays 'None'.


  1. Click the Deadhead icon.
  2. Choose the filter criteria and click the SEARCH button.

  3. Select the flights required for each crewmember and click the SAVE button. 

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