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Divert Flights


To divert an aircraft and send out relevant messages, right click on the flight leg and select Irregular ‘Div’
You can input the following information:
Diverted flight
ETO - Estimated Touch Down
ETA - Estrimated Arrival
Divertion station
ASM reason
SI coment in the message
Divert reason
It is possible to enter 2 specific Diver reasons. Those are not IATA standard and will not be in the IATA message. Hovever, they can be retrieved from API and Integration factory.
The codes are specified in Reasons
Continuing Flight
Enter the flight details of the continuing flight
Copy crew
Select if you want to copy the assigned crew to the new flight.
Adjust Pairing
Select if you want to add the new leg to the pairing with the orriginal leg.
Copy Load
Copy the Load from the original flight to the continuing flight.
Click on ‘Next’ 
Click on ‘Save’ to update the information and process the messages.
In the Gantt, the flight legs are shown as follows:
Before the input diversion (normal view).
After the input diversion. 
Now we see an indication on the diverted leg that it was supposed to go to LIM.  Also the flight is shown in pink on the Gantt to indicate that it has diverted.


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