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Adhoc Events

In order to Create, Edit, Delete, or Read an AdHoc Event, the user must be in a user group that has permissions to do so. There are four permissions options: 

  • AdHoc
  • AdHoc Events
  • AdhocSchedule
  • Assign AdHoc Event.

Note: You can select All on the dropdown list, and search for AdHoc or other keywords to locate a specific permission setting. Below we have searched for AdHoc: 

Each permission type has options to Create, Edit, Delete, and Read. These are explained more in depth below.

Users in the group can
Create new AdHoc events
EditCan edit already created AdHoc events
DeleteCan delete any AdHoc event
ReadCan read an AdHoc event


Creating types of AdHoc Events and adding them to legs

1. To search for Adhoc Events, type “adhoc" into the search field and click Search. The result will display.

2. Create a new item by clicking the New button.

3. Fill in the following fields:

  • Enter a Name for the Adhoc Event.
  • Select a DataType from the dropdown list. The options are:
    • Company Activity (at the moment, this is only available in the ScheduleGantt)
    • Human Resource
    • Roster
    • Schedule
    • Vehicle.
  • Choose a Filter should you want to specify which types of flight this event will apply to. You can leave this portion empty to apply to all flights/leg types.
  • Insert a value of '1' in the Priority field and choose a Color for the event.

4. Click the Active checkbox then the SAVE button. This AdHoc event can now be assigned to legs.

Assigning an AdHoc Event to a Company Activity

1. In the Schedule Gantt, click the Eye icon and select the AdHoc Events checkbox. This shows only AdHoc Events on the ScheduleGantt.

2. In the Schedule Gantt, right-click on the schedule and select the AdHoc icon.

3. Enter the Airline, Flight Number, and Suffix, if applicable.

4. Select the most appropriate Reason for the AdHoc Event. In the image above, we have selected Crew Shortage.

5. Choose the routing. We have selected MMX to ARN. Click the ADD button to additional stopover stations.

Note: The Note input on this dialogue page is displayed in the legs tooltip in the ScheduleGantt. Additionally, the comment can also be sent out with any standard text messages as part of the AdHoc Event template. The priority determines in which order AdHoc Events are displayed on the legs tool tip.

6. Click the CREATE button. Once you create it, you will have an option to create a return flight. Click the NEXT button.

7. Click the SAVE button.

8. You have successfully create an AdHoc Event.

Note: The Adhoc event generator can send the free text, entered in the 'Comments' field, together with any pre-stored messaging from a template.  For this to work, you need to add the Data Element 'N-OC' + "AllNotes (String)" to the Adhoc event template(s). 


These are found in the Integration Factory. See the image below:

For further information, please contact NAVBLUE Support.

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