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Adhoc change

Changing from Schedule to Ad-Hoc

To make an ad-hoc change on a schedule:

  1. The user clicks the Ad-Hoc Edit button (Maroon) in the context menu while simultaneously clicking on a leg. 
  2. The icon on the top left indicates an Adhoc change to the schedule will be made. 
  3. After this, follow the same procedure as for editing an ad-hoc flight.



Note: The user can view the history of changes by right-clicking on the flight, and selecting it.

Changing from AdHoc to Schedule 

To restore the ad-hoc change (XASM Withdrawal) back to the original schedule:

  1. Click the edit button. 
  2. A XASM button will appear for canceling the adhoc change. 
  3. By clicking the XASM button, this will bring the adhoc schedule back to Schedule level

Note: This button will only be visible when the adhoc schedule has a schedule origin. 



After this selection, there will be no options available to change any data in the window.


This will produce a message like this:


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