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Adhoc change



Changing from Schedule to AdHoc

To make an adhoc change on a schedule, the user clicks the AdHoc Edit button (Maroon) in the context menu when clicking on a leg. 
The icon on the top left indicates an Adhoc change to the schedule will be made. After this, follow the same procedure as for editing an adhoc flight.
The user can view the history of changes by right mouse clicking on the flight and selecting

Changing from AdHoc to Schedule 

To restore the adhoc change (XASM Withdrawal) back to the original schedule, the user clicks on the edit button. There is now a XASM button, for cancelling the adhoc change. This will bring the adhoc schedule back to Schedule level. 
Note: This button will only visible when the adhoc schedule has a schedule origin. 
After this selection, there will be no options available to change any data in the window.
This will produce a message like this:

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