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Automated and Manual emails to Crew and Contact

Whenever a roster change is made or when you release the roster, emails and messages can be manually and automatically to a crewmember. A number of settings need to be adjusted prior to sending an Email.

COM channel

NameThis is a mandatory field.
In/OutShould be set as OUT.
HostThese are details from provide as an email provider. Set as Provider Address.

SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer . It is a secure way of providing authentication and encryption during communication online between your computer and the mail server.

UserSet as Sleipner.
User Name & PasswordUsername and password to your email account.
Communication TypeSet as Email.
File TypeSet as Email.


Setup parameters: To be setup in SETUP


Default email sender is used when no user email is provided.

The Email sender is called the ORIGINATOR.

The Email of the logged in user will be used.


Add emails for receivers of Com Channel failures. Separate emails with ";".


Email receivers for RaidoAPI failures.


If the setting UseDefaultEmailSender is set to TRUE, Sleipner will send all outgoing emails from the "DefaultEmailSender" address and not the user email address.


There are four templates made in the Integration factory:

  • Two for Roster Releases (Body and Subject) that will send an Email when you release the roster.
  • Two for Roster Revision notifications (Body and Subject) that are used every time you make a revision. 

To change a Body or Subject, click the text and change. You can also Copy to create a new one by using an existing template.

Creating a new message from scratch

Revision Notification

  1. Click the NEW button.
    NameEnter a descriptive name. This is a mandatory field.
    DataTypeThis must be set to the Human Resources type.

  2. In the Data Element, you will set it to Text and click the ADD button. You can insert data information from the Gantt, such as the Name. Use CRFL for a line break.

  3. Test your message using the TEST RUN button to see how it will be presented and change accordingly. Click the FINISH button.

    Note: Follow the same process for the Header.

Roster Release

The process is the same as for Revision Notification.


Events: The Events are created in the Automation factory. When an event like a roster revision happens, the Event is triggered and Sleipner sends the message to the COM and the message is sent out.  

Example: We created the two notifications in the Events section: RosterRelease and RevisionNotification. The way the two events are set up is the same, except for the Event type and the template.


  1. Enter the information in the appropriate fields of the Event and Data.
    EventThe system has a long list of built in events. For this exercise we use Roster REV and ROSTER PUBL.
    DataTypeSet this to Human Resources.
    FilterNone, but you could use any of the HR Filters.
    StationNone, but you could use Station specific messages.
    Bounce MessageIsn't used for SMS.

  2. Select the Template Type.
    Template TypeSet to OwnMessage.
    TemplateSet to Roster Revision - Body.
    CriteriaSet to None.
    Header TemplateSet to Roster Revision - Subject.

  3. Fill in the appropriate fields and click the FINISH button.
    Com ChannelSet to Email.
    Com Channel InstanceSelect your COM Email instance.
    AddressWrite the Email Address types you want to include, multiple addresses can be separated by semicolon (see Email Types). The system will look after the Email type on the crew (must be defined as work) and send the email to the corresponding email address.
    Send as uniqueIf the COM Channel is EMAIL, you have the option to send as unique which will send individual emails.

Manual Email

From the Roster Gantt, you can send Email directly to a crew member.

  1. Right-click the crew you want to send an email to.
  2. Select the EMail icon.
  3. The Originator is the email of the user logged in. The Receiver is the email address of the email you are send the email to.

    Note: You can send the message to multiple crew by marking the crew.


Manual Email to Contacts

From the Search button, you can send an email to a user that is not loaded into the Gantt.

  1. Click the email address in the EMAIL column.
  2. The email dialog will open.

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