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Block Report

To access the Block Report, find the Block Report list item:

In the Report Filter dropdown, select the Block Report.


Field descriptions

  • Report Filter: Choose a template that was saved previously from the dropdown list. 
  • Valid From/Valid To: Define the period for which you need to create a report. 
  • Template name: To use custom configurations in the future, enter a template name and save it. 
  • Sorting: Choose a filter from the dropdown list. You can set Ascending or Descending order by clicking one of the radio buttons.  
  • Filter: Choose a filter from the dropdown list. 
    • Public: The document can be edited and reviewed by any user.   
    • Protected: Other users have no permission to edit the document.  
    • Private: The document is available only for the user who created it.  
  • Time Mode: You can choose a time mode from the dropdown list.   
  • Period Template: You can choose a period template from the dropdown list. Also, you can add several days before the period and several days after the period if you need to create a report for the specific period. Pay attention that Valid From and Valid To dates are not available for editing as these dates are set automatically according to the chosen period.  
  • Frequency: You can check any weekdays that you need to be displayed in the report.   
  • Default: Uses the selected settings, unless the user specifies otherwise. 
  • Grouping: You can select several items for grouping from the Available list and move to the Selected field using a single arrow. Also, you can move all Available items to Selected using a double arrow. If you want to change the order of the items in any field, use up and down arrows. 

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