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Equipment Qualifications

Prerequisites: Before you proceed, make sure that you have first defined: Aircraft Equipment
In the Equipment Qualifications dialogue, it is possible to define qualifications and connect them to respective equipment. 
Based on this information N-OC checks on the correctness of crew allocation to planned flight legs. 
That is provided that the correct qualifications are also defined in each crew's profile (see Editors > Human Resource > Human Resources).
Click on ‘New’, if you want to create a new qualification. 
The user may also: Edit, Copy or Delete.
Enter a Name and aShortcode. 
Choose a suitable colour (this is the colour shown in the Gantt).
Select 'Active' and  (optionally) 'Default'.
  • The user can choose from the dropdown menu one or more defined Aircraft Equipment which will then be connected to this Qualification. 
  • The dropdown menu reads equipment created and defined in Editors > Aircraft > Aircraft Equipments.
After clicking on ‘Add’, the selected equipment appears in a list.
Here you can activate/deactivate them and choose them as default. 
To delete and entry, click on the tick-box on the left side.

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