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Equipment Qualifications

You can access the Equipment Qualifications areas through the tab or the below icon:

Aircraft Equipment

Before you proceed, make sure that you have first defined the Aircraft Equipment.

In the Equipment Qualifications dialogue, it is possible to define qualifications and connect them to respective equipment. Based on this information, N-OC checks on the correctness of crew allocation to planned flight legs. You must ensure the correct qualifications are also defined in each crew's profile (Refer to: Menu > Human Resource > Human Resources).


Equipment Qualifications

Click the NEW button to create a new Equipment Qualification. The user may also edit, copy, or delete an existing equipment qualification.

In each Equipment Qualification, you can define the following:

Fields & Buttons
NameThe name of the Equipment Qualification
ShortcodeThe abbreviated name of the Equipment Qualification
ActiveYou can choose if the Equipment Qualification is in use or not.
DefaultYou can choose if the Equipment Qualification is the preselected option.
ColorsChoose a suitable color to display the Equipment Qualification. This is the color to show in the Gantt.
EquipmentThe user can choose the Aircraft Equipment available in the Equipment Qualification. They can choose one or more that will be connected to the qualification.
AddClicking the ADD button makes the selected equipment appear in the list.
SaveClicking the SAVE button will save the Equipment Qualification entry.
DeleteClicking the DELETE button will delete the Equipment Qualification entry.
CancelClicking the CANCEL button will disregard any changes made to the Equipment Qualification entry.
CopyClicking the COPY button will duplicate the existing Equipment Qualification entry.

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