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Pairings for Cabin crew and Flight Deck crew

Before you can get started you need to configure the system.
Crew Complement:
You must make a unique complement name for each composition type you want to use.
In the example we have a Cabin Crew composition of 1 Chief Cabin and 3 cabin crew.
Tick C - Cabin crew
Cockpit crew composition of 1 Captain and 1 First Officer.
Tick P - Pilots.
You must have HR filters for CP, FO,CC, CA or equiliant 
to what you use in you Company setup.
Create a legfilter that match the flights to where you want to use the composition.
Sort order:
If you have many filters for the same Aircraft the sortorder can be important.
Leg Complement Rule
You need to make a Leg Complement Rule for each Crew Complent and link it to a leg filter.
In this example it has been set to 50 and 100, but it important that you have Leg complement rule with a lower priority that cover both Cabin and Cockpit.
In this example "Single Crew" will pick up the composition for A320 which is  1 Capt 1 FO 1 Chief Cabin and 3 Cabin attendants.
New Pairing:
Before you create the pairing you must decide which pairing mode you should use.
If you select "ANY" the paring name will start with F.
Edit Pairing:
Normally you don't need to change complements.
DO NOT CHANGE Legs Complements unless you really need. It will change the complement for the leg, so if you change it to Cabin only, you will not be able to make Cockpi pairings.
Click Next and Submit.
Copy Pairing:
Right click on the pairing and select Copy.
Select "Copy" or "Rollout".
Select Pairing Mode: Cabin Crew
Untick CopyOnlyInFuture
Change the Date so it start on the day of the pairing you are copying from.
Note: If the paring you copy from is inside the Rollout period it will create a duplicate paring that you need to delete.
Select Run
New Paings Created:
A new pairing is created with the name starting with C.
and Composition CC1 and CA3
Do the same for Cockpit,
A new pairing is created with the name starting with P.
and Composition CP1 and FO1
The Pairing you copied from now appears as a duplicate and should be deleted.
You must refresh the screen to the covered color on the legs.
Select Pairings
To find the pairings that are created from a leg you right click on the leg an select "Selected"
The pairings that are covered by the leg will be marked in the left side of the gantt, and lifted to the top

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