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Task list


The task list concept is a way to monitor any problems in your setup.
It can be crew, flights, delays etc. All Rules driven events can be monitored.
The task list is individual to to each user log in. But tasks can be copied to  other users.
For a detailed description see Task List
You access the task list i  the top right corner of the screen.
It is divided into 3 sections:
Task filters
Task Filter Groups.
The tasks can be grouped and sorted in ascending or descending order. 
Group By:
Select how you want the warnings to be grouped.
Sort By
New Task:
Click on the ALL Task icon, and click New
From the Task Filter dialog you specify the conditions for what you want to monitor.
In this example we will make a filter for Uncovered flights.
When you point on a category in the drop box, a tool tip will show you which rules that are available.
We will select Company Activity as Crew Coverage is a part of that.
Select Under coverage rule.
Select how you want the task to search.
Note: The rule itself can have built in filters that restrict which period that will be displayed on the gantt. 
Remember to make the rule Active and Save.
When you save your rule will appear in the Task Filter list, and all uncovered flights will be listed in the All Task list.
but we want a separate Task list for uncovered flights. 
Open the Task Filter Groups
The filter box is empty.
Click Add.
Close the Task window and reopen.
Now you will see your rule.
Select the rule and an Icon.
Click Add
The task filter will now be displayed next to the All Task  filter.
Display warnings on the screen:
Click on the funnel symbol and the
Gantt Violations Filter dialog opens.
You can choose between "Show All Violations" or "Show only".
In Show Only mode you must mark the rule(s) you want to display.
As soon as you select the rule, all uncovered flights will get the warning that is attached to the rule.
Detailed rules window:
If you click on the Task symbol you will get a list with all the warnings.
For some rules you will get a detailed window when you click on an item.
Delete a task:
I you want to remove a task, just click the delete button.
Copy Tasks:
The task are individual to the user.
To avoid creating the rules over and over again you can copy your tasks to another user/user group.
Select "Copy settings"
Select the target User/Group and copy your task to the selected users.


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