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Vacation Balance

To access Vacation Balance, click this icon:

Vacation balance is used to control the number of vacation days in the specified period.

NameThis is a mandatory field.
FilterThis is a mandatory field - HR Filter.
Roster FiltersThis filter controls which reference activity that will update the balance.
ShortcodeEnter in a shortcode for the Balance Rule.
Valid From/To

The period to which the balance calculation applies. It can be more than one year.

Reference date: Mandatory date when the rule shall start.

Period TypeYears or months
LimitThis value is the threshold for when the bonus value will be calculated. E.g. If Bonus type is Age and limit is 50, the crew above age 50 will get one bonus value per year.
Bonus valueThe increment according to the period type.

Update the Balance

To update the Vacation balance:

  1. Run the Roster Wizard from the Roster Gantt.
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  2. Select the VACATION BALANCE Tab. Note: This tab is only available for Administrators, if these User Group settings are active.

  3. Select the ruleset and click CALCULATE DAY button. Note: If you want to transfer the remaining vacation balance to the next year, make sure that you use the same Balance rule for the seasons and leave groups.

    You can run a Balance Report to view the vacation balance of a crew group.

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