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Version Information

You can find the version information in multiple instances within N-OC.

Before a user logs in, the version number is located in the bottom left corner.

After a user logs in, they will see the following icons:

Clicking the Information icon (the blue circular icon with an 'i') displays the version details of the software:

Note: If you click the version number, a detailed window about the servers will open.

What do the version numbers mean?

Let's take a look at the Version The numbers mean:

  • 22 = This is the general version. This rarely changes.
  • 6 = Season Release. This is a major release. There are probably around two to three major releases per year.
  • 6 = Patch. If required, we may release patches to fix problems in-between season releases.
  • 2 = This means the internal test version.

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