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Task List


N-OC presents the user with a list of user specific tasks that require action (the green check icon) and the number of unhandled tasks.

The task lists are driven by the user credentials; therefore, is unique for the individual user. This means that you can direct specific task types to the right user group. See below in the Copy Task section.

Note: For details on how to create a task, refer to How to do Task list.


Options - Group/Sort by/sort Order:

The tasks can be grouped and sorted in ascending or descending order. 


There is also a Search field.


The user can save these options as default. 

Group by:

Sort by:

Sort Order:



Options Example:

Task Filters

Filter Type: To display a list of tasks for a defined period range (period type) or a rolling period (offset type).






Create a new task name, i.e. “All warnings”.

Categories:  These are 'Rule' categories (as defined in the Rule Factory). The user can filter the Rule violations displayed by category.

Offset from: Now, Current Day, Current Week, or Current Month.

You may create new, activate, deactivate, and delete the task filters.

The Task filter setup should only be available for super users that have some knowledge of how the Rules are working.



Select the type of warning you want to monitor. Some rules might have several warning levels where you only want to monitor one of the levels


When you point to a category in the dropbox, a tooltip will show you which rules are available.



The Data Types refer to the Data section in the rules.

When you point on a Data Element in the dropbox, a tooltip will show you which rules are available.





Pairing related rules.

Company Activity

Flight leg related rules, e.g. coverage rules.

Human Resource

Crew related rules, e.g document rules.


Assigned activities


Aircraft related rules


Select the rule you want to monitor. 

Note: If you select many rules, it is a good habit that the rules belong to the same datatype. E.g. Some document rules belong to Human resource others belong to Roster element. Those rules shouldn't be mixed. 


Human Resource Filters: Select specific HR filters. This filter only applies to this filter, not to the All warnings filter. 

Note: The number of all tasks can be higher than the sum of your filters. 


Filter Type: Select between Offset and Period

Offset Type

Offset From:

Now, Day, Week, Month.


Offset Value From:

Days, weeks, months. Period before Offset from. Can't be a negative value e.g. -2. 

Offset Value To

Days, weeks, months. Period to check after the "Offset from". Note: Some rules have a build in length that will overrule this setting.

Period Type


A fixed period.


Copy Tasks

The tasks are individual to the user.

Note: To avoid creating the rules over and over again, you can copy your tasks to another user/user group.

  1. Click the COPY SETTINGS button.
  2. Select the Target User/Group and copy your task to the selected users.

  3. Copy tasks in order to create new ones.

Example: Task Filters



Task Filter Groups:

The warning and violations are displayed in the Task Manager. 

Note: This view may be different depending on how the user has set the task up.


Add the desired icons.

Example: Task Filter Groups 

Click one of the warning groups to display the tasks.



These warnings are set up by the customer; therefore, they may vary.


To check the correct warning level:

  1. Open Rules
  2. Search for the rule you are interested in. 
  3. click the Calculator (as shown below)
  4. Hover over the lamp to see the warning type and level. Right-click if you need to change the level.
    Note: Consult your administrator before doing this to be sure it is alright to proceed, as it may change the way warnings are displayed and flagged in N-OC.





Rule Name

 Type of warning

Document Expiry




Document Prolong


Document renew not need rule


Pairing Over coverage


Pairing Start/End


Activities overlap rule


Station Conflict


Missing Actual times


Over coverage Rule


Under coverage Rule


Missing delay codeIncomplete/Warning
Arrival weatherIncomplete/Notification

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