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Onward Flights concept


To set onward reference on a schedule:
Setting onward reference is available from the following schedule windows:
  • Schedule New
  • Schedule Edit
  • AdHoc New
  • AdHoc Edit
When the user clicks on the aircraft icon (with a red frame -see above), this opens a new window, where the user can add additional information about the flight.
The user selects the ‘Set’ Check-Box to activate the onward flight and enters the details of the onward flight identifier – (Airline/Flight Number/Suffix). 
Un-selecting the ‘Set’ checkbox on a schedule with an existing onward, removes the onward reference from the schedule.
Click OK to add or remove the onward reference.
To view the Onward information on the flight puck, select 'Onward' in the View List, as shown here
Green triangles indicate an Onward. 
If the onward is broken the triangle turns red
When generating messages for flight creation, the onward will be displayed according to IATA standard messaging, as a /6 standard IATA Onward identifier for the flight on the ASM and SSM messages. 
Adding or removing only the onward reference on an existing schedule, will generate a ADM message.
Exporting a periodical schedule will add all onward references in the SSIM file:
There is also a setting in User Preferences window: LegInfo > ‘OnwardCode’ to display or the onward flight identifier on the Schedule puck.


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