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Schedule changes

To Edit a Schedule flight:

  1. Right-click on the flight leg. An icon window appears.

  2. Select Schedule Edit.  
  3. The following window appears:
    Note: This information displayed is quite similar to the New schedule window. It has additional field buttons, a dropdown list, and an additional schedule Gantt displayed at the top.


The period list

  • A textual view of the Schedule Gantt. 
  • It lists all the available periods for the schedule. 
  • The user selects a period from this list and edits the schedule accordingly. 

Schedule Gantt 

  • The Schedule Gantt shows the loaded period.



Load season

  • It loads all variants of the schedule (flight number) for the season.

New period

  • It creates a new period within the selected period. 
  • The dates are taken from the date control. 


This flight can be changed just for this period.

  1. Click the Refresh button to see the new divided Periods on the screen and in the dropdown. 
  2. Click the NEXT button then the SAVE button.      
  3. You now have got three new periods and each will be considered as a New period.

Changing configuration data

The user can change following configuration data:

  • Flight Identifier
  • Times
  • Aircraft Type
  • Routing
  • Version
  • Configuration
  • AC Owner 
  • Onward flight 
  • Crew Owner (Flightdeck and Cabin) 
  • Passenger times (not implemented yet)
  • Codes shares 
  • Segment data (not implemented yet).




Changing the Flight Identifier

  1. The flight identifier is changed by setting a new airline code, flight number, or suffix.
  2. The message sent out for this change looks like this:
  3. When the messaged is saved, the Gantt refreshes with the new flight identifier.

Changing Time for the whole period

  1. The times can be changed in the leg panel.
  2. The message generated for the time change.

Changing Equipment

  1. The Equipment (AcType and Service Type Code) can be modified by changing these fields in the leg panel:
  2. The change generates the following message when changing AcType.                                                                
  3. If the change causes a conflict with the aircraft equipment, it is indicated by a red box around the leg in the Gantt.

Changing Route

  1. Reroute on same number of legs.
  2. Click the REFRESH button to recalculate.
  3. The change generates the following message:


Reroute and add leg

The change generates the following message:


Reroute remove leg

  1. Click the REFRESH button.
  2. Click the NEXT button then the SAVE button to save your changes.


The dropdown button on the right

Using the dropdown button, there will be records for the change made.

The history button from the Gantt

The user can view the history of changes by right mouse clicking the flight and selecting:


The history button shows all transactions made for the flight and any notes that have been added.

The information displayed in this transaction display is:

  • The schedule version number (in this case 1), which changes incrementally each time the schedule is changed. 
  • The type of change (in this case NEW)
  • Schedule data
  • The user name of the person who carried out the modification.
  • Date and time.

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