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Vehicle Reference Activity


A vehicle reference activity is a non-flying activity associated with a specific aircraft registration. Here are some examples:
  • Adhoc maintenance check
  • Photo session
  • Painting
  • Cleaning

Creating a Vehicle Reference Activity

To create a Vehicle Reference Activities and insert it onto the N-OC schedule Gantt,  right click in the Gantt on the aircraft registration row until this window appears: 
and select Vehi.
  • Start date Time
  • End Date Time
  • Station
  • Reference Activity
Note: The user can optionally change the date, and the start/end time.
The reference activity must be of type “Vehicle”
Note is of type “Reference Activity”
Click on Next
Where the user clicks in the Gantt will determine the proposed Start Date Time for the Vehicle Reference Activity. 
The End Date Time uses the default number of minutes as defined in the Reference Activity  - "Default Length Minutes".
The reference activity name and the defined colour are displayed on the Vehicle Reference Activity block. 
Any related messages are shown here.
Click on Save. 
To trigger the message you have to create an event of type "Vehicle Reference Activity"
A message can be created if you create a new, nodify or delete.
The filter can be linked to a specific Vehicle Reference filter
The Vehicle Reference Activity is then displayed on the Gantt.
Actual Times
You can add the actual times to the activity.
The color changes to transparant.
Note:  Right click on the Vehicle Reference Activity to.....
edit   or to add a note 

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