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To enter Load information manually for a flight, and send out related (LDM) messages, right mouse click on the flight leg and select
the Load icon.
A Load window will appear.
For multi sector flights you will all the stations in the TAB
Passenger Per Weight Category:
Infant are not included in the PAX weight
Passenger Per Class:
PAD is Passengers not entitled to a firm booking who may be offloaded at a station en route to their ticketed destination in order to accommodate joining passengers who have a higher priority
Best practice is to call the holes "1" "2" "3"
Click on the TAB to see the next sector.
Click next to see the messages
When you click on ‘Save’ the load information is stored in N-OC and the message(s) are sent.
The LDM message will look like this
SI AAL B/520.C/1050.M/50
CPH B/520.C/1050.M/50
LDM Comment
SLS (Statistical Load Summary):
If Setup parameter "LoadMessageMode" is set to "SLS" or "LDM & SLS" the SLS message will be created
SI LDM Comment
The booked or actual passenger number is shown on the leg display in the Gantt. 
The booked or actual load may also be compared against the aircraft capacity and a Load factor LF shown as a percentage (Example: 60%).
For more information about setting this up in N-OC, please contact your administrator. 
The LDM comment can be displayed on the leg.
The setup parameter "LoadMsgNoteType" must be set to a corresponding note.
Load Factors can be displayed on the leg in different formats: 
Load Factor = 100
LoadFactorNumber = 1.00
LoadFactorString = 100%
This is set up in Editors > System > User Preferences


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