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Selected Swap

The Swap function can be accessed by clicking the icon:


Flights can be swapped between a maximum of two aircraft. Note: The number of legs has no limitation.  


Example: Illustration of the Swap function

We are going to swap all the flight legs on the first row with those on the second row. 


To swap multiple flight legs:

  1. Activate the Select icon.  
  2. Click the icon shown below. Note: when it is selected there, it has a yellow frame around it.  
  3. Select the legs you want to swap. To do this, left click/drag the mouse over the legs you want to swap. The selected legs are displayed in blue, as indicated here. Note: An alternative method for selecting legs is to hold down the Ctrl button and drag across the flight legs.  
  4. Next, deactivate the select Mode by clicking the Select icon again.  
  5. Click anywhere on the Gantt and select Swap icon from the menu.    
  6. If you want to keep them as scheduled flights, uncheck the Adhoc checkbox.   Note: Before saving, you have the opportunity to unselect legs if you no longer want them included in the swap scenario. Alternatively, if you rather have them as Adhoc flights, check in the box and you will also have the possibility to choose the reason for the swap, but it is not mandatory.  
  7. Click the NEXT button.

  8. Before clicking Save, you can add a comment to your message by using the icon for magnifying glass and plus-sign. You can also add receivers for the message.

  9. Click the UPDATE button to save your message. When you are done, click the SAVE button. 

All the flights are now swapped and the messages have been sent.


Note: If there are red stripes on the legs, these have changed to Adhoc-flights.

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