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Selected Move


Selecting flight legs to move to another aircraft works in a similar way to Swap (as described earlier). The difference is that you can move leg(s) from one or more aircraft to one aircraft. 
Here is an example to illustrate the Move function:
In the example below, I have already selected the flights legs I want to move See Selected Swap for details. 
The selected legs are displayed in blue, as indicated here. 
I am going to move the flight legs to aircraft VK-SU7.
To move the flight legs to another aircraft row, right click on the required aircraft row and select
Here you have the opportunity to unselect legs if you no longer want them included in the move scenario. 
You can also add a comment at this stage. This will be included in the transaction history log and also optionally in any report. 
Click on Next
Click on ‘Save’ to update the information and process the messages.
The flights are then moved to the new aircraft registration and the messages are sent. 
Notice that the last three legs have a red box around the leg warning of aircraft type conflict. You will need to edit these legs and change the aircraft type and/or version to resolve this.


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