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Selected Delay

You can delay selected flights by clicking multiple flight legs to delay all of them at the same time.

Dep. Time --> Use min. Turnaround

The turnaround times from the Turn Around Rules will be used. 

  1. Define the estimated time of departure of the first leg of the ones selected. 
  2. Define the reason
  3. Click the Apply button. The selected legs are shown in the lower part of the window with the applied delay for the first leg and projected to all other selected legs considering the station turnaround time. 

Note: If the scheduled turnaround time is greater than then station turnaround time, this difference will be subtracted from the applied delay time.

The applied delay code and calculated delay times can also be manually changed, if needed for each leg.

Delay All by (HHMM)

When this option is selected, all flights will be delayed by the same HHMM. Turn around times are not considered.

To adjust legs use Min. Turnaround time

If a flight is delayed and it creates a conflict with the next flight, this option will correct all the marked flights. 

  1. Mark the delayed flight and subsequent legs that need to be adjusted on the same line. 
  2. Use the option Delay on Selected
  3. Check the option “Adjust legs”.

The calculated delay time will be applied to the following legs.

Do not apply when ETD<STD

When this option is selected, no calculations are made if Estimated Time of departure is less than Schedule time of departure. This can happen on day of OPS.

Use EET and Taxi times to calculate ETA

If you have EET information from the flight plan  (EET) and Taxi times are specified, Station Taxi Times can be used for the delay calculation.

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