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Schedule Wizard


The Schedule wizard is used to analyze, export, compare and expand Schedule information. 
This schedule information can be taken either from the Production folder (which is the 'live' schedule environment), or from so called 'Private' folders which are commonly used for test or planning schedules.


The user can select a data source.....
a date range (and optionally a filter)... 
click on 'Load' . 
Information about the loaded flight legs is displayed here: 
Click on  to see a list of all flights
The user can choose to export from a selection of formats, as shown below:
Click on Export to save as a .sim file.

SSIM format:


SSM NEW format:


SSM RPL Format


EDIFACT Format (not in use yet)


Compare - 

Not completed yet

Expand -  

Not completed yet

Analyze -  

Not completed yet


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