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Operations Wizard

The operations wizard can be used to find, send messages, and export flight information.

Open the Schedule Gantt. The ‘Operations Wizard’ icon can be found on the Gantt bar. 


To access Messages, click this subtab:

  1. Select the favored message using the dropdown function, i.e. ‘MVT’.  
  2. A flight filter may optionally also be selected and used. 
  3. Select the period as needed.
    Example: We will generate an ADM message.
  4. Click the NEXT button to continue.
  5. The message can be edited by clicking the Plus sign in the right side of the message. It will open an edit dialog from where you can edit the receivers.

  6. Clicking the magnifying glass will display the ADM message.                         

  7. When scrolling down approximately midway through the message, you will find this symbol:  
  8. After clicking the Plus button, a new window appears to allow you to edit and update your ADM message. Click the UPDATE button once you have entered any changes.  


To access Export, click this subtab:

With this function, it is possible to export a Completed Flights Report for an example as a CSV file.

You can create and download the file.


To access Export, click this subtab:

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