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In this section, we will briefly describe the various icons shown in the Schedule menu bar.
Some icons can be in one of two modes: 'Selected' or 'Not Selected'. 
Usually when you click on an icon it will have a white light surrounding it, indicating that it has been selected. To unselect the icon click on it again.
Here is an example:
Not active
Icon in the Schedule Gantt:
Click on search to reload the Gantt display or to select your filtered view. 
Use also Select for filters - See also 'Filters' Menu Bar section.
Used for multi-editing functionality. 
For more information, see: Selected – Multi editing functions
To measure hours/minutes in the Gantt. Left click where you want to start the measurement and drag. You will see the Hours/minutes displayed in the Gantt.
A map displaying fleet location. This may be updated by various data sources such as: ACARS, GPS etc.
To display station information, enter the IATA designator (ex: LHR) and click on this icon. 
Tail Assign Wizard
To automatically assign lines of sectors onto aircraft tails.
Slot Wizard
The user can use the Slot Wizard to request airport slots and also keeps track of any slot messages sent.      For more information, see User Guide > Flight Management > Icons > Wizards > Slot Wizard
Schedule Wizard
Not completed
Operations Wizard
Not completed


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