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Menu Bar


In this section, we will briefly look at the various functions available from the Roster menu bar in N-OC.

Date Display

The dates for the loaded period are displayed on the upper row.
Note: Weekend or any other special dates such as national holidays etc may be be displayed in another colour. 
For more information, see Editors > Calendar > Calendar Days 
The dates for the zoomed period are displayed (in grey) on the lower row. 
Four hourly periods are also shown here. 
Zoom function
Inside the loaded period, the user can select the zoom period to be displayed.
There are two functions:
1. Zoom in/out
Example: The loaded period (6 days) is:
The zoom period is (3 days) displayed on top of the loaded period (11-13 October). To zoom in or out, drag from the left or right side to select the zoom period required.
2. Move zoom period
The user can also move the selected period to another date range in the loaded period. (But maintain the same day range – 3 days).
To do this, hold down left click over the vertical line in the middle of the zoom period   and move left or right to select another date range.
Tip: To change the zoom display to only one day, double click on a date.
Time Mode
Select a time mode to change the placing of flights in the Gantt. The flights are then displayed in the chosen time mode. 
Note: no changes are made to the flight schedules.
Stations are added or deleted in Editor > System > Setup > 'stationtimemode'. For more information, contact your system administrator. 
Date period selection:
The user can select the view period for the Gantt.
Either enter the From/To dates (as shown above) or use the calendar function to choose the dates.
Click on Refresh to load the period.
Day Note
To add a Day Note to any given date, right click on the grey date line. 
See NoteTypes on how to create different types.
In the ruler you will se a triangle indicating the note
The Refresh button will refresh any changes in the Roster Gantt, such as periods or view options. Trying to refresh with unsaved changes to the crew rosters will give a warning, and if the refresh is made regardless those changes will be lost.
You have the refresh button in 3 places.
One for upper and lower windon, that will refresh the respective window. And one in the top of the gantt, that will refresh both windows.
The Select button activates the select function, meaning that selections can be made by holding the left mouse button and dragging the mouse over the activities to be selected. Clicking the Select button again, will deactivate this function.
It is also possible to turn this functionality on and off by pressing the Ctrl key.
When activated, the Select icon "lights up" and when deactivated becomes normal again.
The Measure button activates the measuring function, giving the ability to calculate various things over a particual period. This is done by holding the left button and drag the mouse over the desired period, which will then display the results of the calculations depending on what ruler labels have been chosen.
The ruler labels are defined in the User Preferences.
Quick access to the Uesr preferences is to click in the top left corner of the measurer 
More information on User Preferences can be found here:
Reference Information > Editors > System > User Preferences
When activated, the Measure icon "lights up" and when deactivated becomes normal again.
Clicking the Station icon without any input in the field to the right of it will open the Station menu, listing the stations defined in the system.
Clicking the Station button with a station 3-letter code in the field will open the detailed menu for that particular station.
More information about stations can be found here:
Reference Information > Editors > Locations > Stations
Adjusting leg opacity and row height
Leg opacity: Drag the leg opacity to the left to view the original schedule. Drag it back to the right to view the operational situation again.
Row Height:  Adjust size of each row in the Gantt.
The Save button becomes active when changes have been made to crew rosters.
Clicking the Save button when it is active will save any changes to crew rosters that have been made.
The Undo and Redo buttons will undo or redo changes made to crew rosters, one change at a time. It is not possible to undo or redo changes that have been saved.



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