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Working with crew complements


Creating a new composition

Below is an example to illustrate how the user can set up new crew complements for a certain aircraft (as default).
The airline already has set up crew composition for their ATR300/500. It is: 1 X Captain, 1 X First Officer and 1 X Cabin Attendant.
They will start operating an ATR72 aircraft, starting in the beginning of December and they want to build the crew composition and start preparing crew rosters. All cabin crew can fly the ATR300/500 but when it comes to the ATR72, they must also be qualified as either a Cabin Attendant Senior or a Cabin Attendant Junior. Note. The cockpit crew can fly both ATR300/500 and ATR72 aircraft.
Their requirements are:
1.     Make their existing cabin crew either a 1 or 2. (1 = Senior, 2 = Junior))
2.     N-OC must check that on the ATR72 there are always one of the following crew compositions:  
a.     1 and a 2 or
b.     Two number 1s
c.     It prevents the crew planners from assigning two number 2s on board.
3.     The cockpit must be qualified to fly both ATR300/500 and ATR72 aircraft.

Create an aircraft registration

Activate (or create) Aircraft Type:  British Aerospace Jetstreem 32
Edit Aircraft Type : British Aerospace Jetstreem 32 and tick on “Active”
For details see Aircraft Types
Create an Aircraft configuration for J32
For details see Aircraft Configuration
Create an aircraft version and connect the aircraft composition to it.
For details see Versions
Create aircraft Registration
For details see Aircraft
Under “Availability”, set the start date as shown below:
For details see Aircraft

Create Crew Complement

Aircraft Equipment – create one for Airbus 320 Standard and connect it to aircraft Type Airbus A320
See details Aircraft Equipment
Equipment Qualifications
Create a new qualification called: AT7. Connect it to Aircraft Equipment ATR72-500.
See details Equipment Qualifications
Create the following ranks and connect them to Type = Cabin crew: 
·     Cabin Crew CA (Not Low ranked)
·     Cabin Crew Senior  CC (Low rank to CA)
see details Ranks
Leg Filter - Create a leg filter for A320 aircraft as shown here:

HR Filter

Create two new Filters as shown in the example below:
·     Cabin Crew Senior (CC)
·     Cabin Crew Junior (CA)
Crew Composition
Create a new Crew Composition as shown here:
Click on Save…
Click on New to create the crew compositions.
Create a new crew complement for the following:
·     1 X Captain
·     1 X First Officer
·     1 X Cabin Crew Senior 
·     3X  Cabin Crew Junior  

Leg Complement

Create a leg complement for AT7 as shown here:
To ensure that requirement 3 is fulfilled, (the cockpit must be qualified to fly A320 aircraft), in the HR Filter, add Parameter: QualShortCode = 32 to the following HR Filters:
·     Captain 320
Do the same for FO A320
Modify the Ranks/Qualifications under the  in the HR window to add the following qualifications to all affected cabin crew:
·     Cabin Crew Junior  CA (Not Low ranked)
·     Cabin Crew Senior CC (Low rank )

Commercial Planning - Crew assignment 

No that this is complete, when the Commercial Planner adds a new scheduled or Adhoc flight for the ATR72 aircraft, it will automatically assign the default crew complement as shown below:


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