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Roster Wizard

Clicking the Roster Wizard icon in the Roster Gantt opens the Roster Wizard menu.

Below are a description of the tabs.

HotelThis option is not active and will be removed in a future release. For hotel management, use the Hotel Wizard.

You can recompute complements and aircraft equipment in this tab. You can do this if something was not calculated properly due to an incorrect setup or if definitions of equipment or complement have changed after the flight creation. 

The flights for the selected period will be displayed in the list. Also, there is a status light for the complement and for the equipment information, which is also shown to the user. 

Note: If any of this is not available, the status light will show a warning.


To recompute either the complement or the equipment:

  1. Click the SETUP COMPLEMENTS button. 
  2. After the calculation has been performed, the list refreshes with the calculated values. 
  3. Click the SAVE button to save the changes.
PatternThis tab is not active and will be removed. To rollout roster patterns, use the Auto Rostering tool.
RequestsThis tab is not active and will be removed. To award requests, use the Auto Rostering tool.
Roster ReleaseFrom this tab, you can initialize the roster release process. Once the rosters have been finished and are ready to be published to the crew, you need to select that roster period and release it from this area. Select the roster period to be released and click the NEXT button.

You will be presented with the list of crew to be released and the related message to crew, if defined in the automation factory.

Click the RELEASE button to confirm the process.
Note: To release a new group, close the dialogue and start the process again.
SwapThis tab is not active and will be removed.
RevisionYou can manage the pending revisions to crew from this tab.
ExportThis tab is for custom exports.
Vacation balanceThis tab allows you to recompute the vacation balance.

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