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Search Crew Candidate

To activate the Search Candidate function:

  1. Select uncovered leg(s) or pairing(s).

  2. By using the menu on the schedule or pairing Gantt, click the Search Candidate button (located in the bottom row).  
    Note: Only one search candidate dialog is allowed per user session. 

  3. The Search Candidate dialogue window will display.  Note: If all selected legs/pairings are covered, you will see at the top in red, a warning that all selected legs/pairings are fully covered.

To start searching:

  1. Press the SEARCH button. Note: If you want to stop searching at any time, click Stop searching.

  2. When there are no results after searching, you can review the rejected candidates by checking the Show rejected candidates box.

  3. On the rejected candidates list, hovering over the red warning icon provides an explanation of the reason why the candidate was not selected. 
  4. You can modify your search criteria by clicking the three dots icon next to the Options dropdown menu. 
  5. The page below will open. You can make individual search criteria and save them for later use.

In the GENERAL tab, you can apply some generic features.

In CREW SELECTION tab, you can select more filters related to bases, ranks, qualifications, and special roles.

LEGALITY CALCULATORS will be used to order the search results. To select the calculator, drag it from the left list to the right list. They are considered in a hierarchical way, so the higher the better. You can also use the min/max button on each selected calculator to determine its importance.

In the LEGALITY RULES tab, you can drag the rules you want to exclude into the right window.

On the ACTIVITIES tab, the user can define which activities (already assigned in the Roster Gantt), can be replaced by the flight legs, during the Search Candidate run.

Note: If you want to add, for example, a reference group or a reference activity, you should add a second tab, as shown in the example below:

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generatedA screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

After creating your template, you can save it and it will appear in the options for the candidate search. 

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