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Search Crew Candidate

Here is a brief introduction to "Search Candidate" functionality in N-OC.
To activate the 'Search Candidate' function, first select uncovered leg(s) or pairing(s). 
Then by using context menu on the schedule or pairing Gantt, click the Search Candidate button - 'Sear' 
NOTE: Only one search candidate dialog is allowed per user session.
Other icons for search crew:
The Search Candidate dialogue window is displayed
If all selected legs/pairing are covered, the users will see a warning at the top in red that all selected Legs / Pairings are fully covered.
To start searching, press the Search button. 
To stop searching at any time, click on 'Stop searching' or  select 'Cancel' or 'X' (close) button.
When there are no results after searching, the user can review the rejected candidates by ticking: 'Show rejected candidates' option. 
When hovering over the rejected candidates, you see a small tool tip  which provides an explanation why the candidate was not selected.
You can use this information to modify your search criteria.
To change the Search Candidate criteria, open the options window by click on the ... shown here:
You can make individual search criteria and save it for later use.
Allow High/Low Ranking
High/Low rank if the crew is approved for that.
  • Despite that the crew is found it will not be assigned as this function is not fully implemented
Travel home
The selected flights must start and end at crew base
Use Station Route
Station routes can be defined in: Editors > Schedule > Station Routes
Note: this option only work with Flexsible Station Route rules. The assigned activity will be of one minutes length.
Use Passive flights
Use Deadhead Flights
  • not yet implemented
High Low Rank:
Use Station Route:
Use Passive Flights:
Crew Selection:
Legality Calculators:
Selected calculators will be used to order search results. They are considered in a hierarchical way. The items higher up are considered first, and are more important.
To select calculator drag it from the left list to the right list. Use the min/max button on each selected calculator to define what sort of result it is.
Legality rules:
Drag the rule you want to exclude into the right window.
On the Activities tab, the user can define which activities, already assigned in the Roster Gantt, can be replaced by the flight legs, during the Search Candidate run (Example: 'Standby' Activities).
The options are:
  • Reference Groups
  • Reference Activities
  • Roster designators 
  • Legal Exceptions
In this example, all activities have to be fulfilled for N-OC to replace them with flight legs. (Logical AND). So the crew members activities will only be replaced by the flight legs as long as the Reference Groups R AND Reference Activities: VAC are assigned to him/her in the Roster Gantt.
If you want to consider replacing assigned activities:  Reference Groups R OR Reference Activities VAC, then you need to add a new tab as shown here.
To save options, press on the Save button. 
Optionally a name can be specified. ('My option' in this example).
After saving, select the search button, to search with 'My option' criteria
The result list contains suitable candidates that can operate the selected flight legs.
The legality status is displayed on the left side of each candidate.
On the right side of each selected candidate,  the legality calculators are presented (in predefined order of importance). 
Note: The results are sorted according to selected calculators.
Select 'OK' button to assign the flight legs to the selected crew member.


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